Kylie Stewart's Resume

Kylie Stewart's Resume

Career Objective

Kylie is a detail-oriented professional with 2+ years of industry experience and proven knowledge of website architecture, server architecture, and project maintenance. Aiming to leverage her existing skills, desire to continue to grow in her next role, and ability to adapt quickly on the job to fulfill the role of Software Engineer on your team.

Professional Experience

Formidable Labs Software Engineer II 📍Denver, Colorado Jan 2019 – September 2020 ᛫ Built out an extensive brand-agnostic online ordering and delivery system, using React.js, AWS Lambdas, and Next.js, for a multi-national fast food company. Individually contributed a new single-sign-on authentication for application users. ᛫ Engineered a major update for an international medical supply conglomerate's internal CMS and external e-commerce website, using React.js, TypeScript, Next.js, and GraphQL. ᛫ Represented Formidable in marketing initiatives and helped managed Formidable's public presence, both on Twitter and in-person at community events. ᛫ Was invited to speak at a number of community events about technologies that I work with, including a talk at the UtahJS in September 2019 titled "The Evolution of an API: A Case for GraphQL", as well as a presentation at RVA.js two months later titled "React to React Native: How Hard Could It Be?".

Formidable Labs Software Engineer I 📍Phoenix, Arizona Jan 2018 – Jan 2019 ᛫ Designed and implemented microservices that facilitate communication between a customer service interface and various backend services for a Wal-Mart owned startup, using Kubernetes, Node.js, and GCP's Firebase. Was the primary developer for a number of APIs, including their payment and profile systems. ᛫ Built the frontend for a platform used to trade cryptocurrencies and monitor investments for a digital currency startup, using TypeScript and React.js. ᛫ Contributed to various Formidable OSS, including Spectacle, a React.js-based library for building interactive and informational presentations. ᛫ Presented at various meetups and conferences about technologies that I work with, including a talk at the FormidaDenver Open House in October 2018 titled "How TypeScript Made Me a Better Developer", as well as a demo at Zeit Day 2018 titled "Using JavaScript to Teach Machines". ᛫ Introduced a number of new standardizations for projects within the Formidable open-sourced software ecosystem, including a new Code of Conduct and more thorough project templates to ease contributor effort. ᛫ Managed Formidable's public Twitter profile alongside the marketing team to bring more visibility to open-sourced software and case studies published on the company blog.

Other Projects and Accomplishments

Maintained Spectacle, Formidable's open-sourced React.js-based project for building interactive and informational presentations, through a rewrite of the library. We achieved our goal of modernizing the internal architecture and improving the authoring experience through an introduction of React hooks. We wrote about this project in a blog post, which you can read here.

Have been invited to speak at a number of conferences and meetups nation-wide. You can see a description of my talks, as well as links to the recorded presentations, here.

Additionally, I actively maintain a blog where content includes briefer "TIL" (Today I Learned)-style posts as well as longer deep-dives into technologies I've had to learn on the job.


Of the many technologies I have experience with, the following are among my strengths:



AWS (more specifically, in the context of serverless functions, lambdas, authorization, and s3 buckets)






Personal and professional references are available upon request.



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